A very nice serviced apartment for rent in District 1

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    A very nice serviced apartments for rent in hcmc near Ben Thanh market with 1 bedroom. All serviced apartments are fitted out with high quality furniture to make you relaxed after hard-working hour.
    The apartment offers one-bedroom apartments and the price is from 300USD/month to 900USD per month.


    - Furniture: fully furnished with sofa, dining table,high-class beds, desk, television
    - Air-conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, microwave
    - Cable television, ADSL internet connection
    - 24/7 security, parking space
    - Shower/bathtub
    - Near schools, hospitals, shopping centers

    The rental includes:

    - Maintenance and management fee, motorbike parking service
    - Water consumption, cable television, ADSL Internet connection
    - House-keeping service

    The rental excludes:

    - Monthly electricity
    - Tax invoice
    Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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    A very nice serviced apartment for rent in District 1

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