android programming techniques efficiency

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    Android Programming - Android is an operating system based on Linux platform which is designed for mobile devices with touch screens such as smartphones and tablets. Initially, Android was developed by Android Corporation, with financial support from Google and the Google later acquired in 2005. Android debuted in 2007 with the establishment of the alliance claims the handset open from which an association of companies hardware, software, and telecommunications with the aim to promote open standards for equipment mobile .
    the content of the formation of Android programming
    Programming Android was released as the first product of the Union, a mobile device platform built trennhan Linux version 2.6. The first phones running Android were sold as the HTC Dream, released October 22, 2008. The logo of the new Android operating system is a green robot by Irina Blok design firm in California.

    With the formation of Android so our Zirqo want to give customers the best applications, providing the most attractive gadgets.
    Zirqo our experience with over 10 years of establishment and development, along with the creativity of all employees of the product Zirqo hope our app will bring satisfaction of customer satisfaction. To date, our brand has Zirqo famous in 13 States and 3 federal territories.

    All requests for Android programming applications contact us for more specific advice customer success is the honor of our Zirqo.
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    android programming techniques efficiency

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