Apartment for rent in 102 Thai Thinh (650$/month)

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    Apartment for rent in 102 Thai Thinh (650$/month)

    We would like to introduce an apartment in Ha Thanh Plaza, 102 Thai Thinh, with the details:
    - Bedroom: 2
    - Master room: 1
    - Kitchen: 1
    - Total usage area: 65 sq.m

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    Please see the photos belows:

    The apartment is in 102 Thai Thinh, Ha Thanh Plaza Tower with fully furnished, well designed. from this area, it is easy for you to go everywhere in Hanoi. And the hanoi apartment for rent related area has many movie theater, supermarket, restaurant with hight quality.
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    Apartment for rent in 102 Thai Thinh (650$/month)

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