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    Established since 1998, Viking Asphalt is a prestigious asphalt and bitumen supplier based in Malaysia. Our core business is in the manufacturing and exporting of high quality Asphalt products that include Asphalt Emulsion (K1-40, K1-60), Cutback Asphalt (RC & MC70), Bitumen 80-100, etc. Being the leading asphalt and bitumen suppliers in the market, we set strict internal standards to ensure the consistency and quality of our products.


    Since our establishment, we have received & continue to receive supports from many satisfied customers. As such, we aim to be one of the best one-stop asphalt and bitumen suppliers to suit the needs of our clients.

    Here at Viking Asphalt – the world’s preferred asphalt and bitumen supplier, your satisfaction is our greatest priority. If you require further information on products, please feel free to browse through our products page for more details or contact us for further enquiries.

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    Bitumen Suppliers

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