General overview of Highway king

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    General overview of Highway king
    1. Introduction
    Your first impression of the Highway King slot free download may be not vey much, especially if you are a fan of driving huge rigs. This is because of the fact that when you see the theme of this slot machine, you can come across all of its icons that related to truck and traffic, and there is no whistle or bell sounds. Besides, you may feel comfortable when you see the pay table that is only half a page. The Highway King slot free download is an online slot game that has 5 reels and 9 pay lines and is available at Malaysia online casino. All of this slot’s icons are based on the basis of Truck. So, you will have a good opportunity to come across some icons including Spark Plug, Dice, Steering Wheel, Exhaust Pipe, Piston and so many more. And of course, you cannot ignore some real lorries as well.
    The rules of Highway King slot free game are quite similar to other online casino slot games. The fact is that most of the casino slot games have the similar form; however, the differences between them are only on the graphics as well as the bonus features. So, you can say that Highway King slot free game is a classic slot game that you can play online without any cost. It is also a slot game that you can download to your handheld devices and play it for good.
    1. How to play and win
    You play Highway King slot free download based on the way you will play some of other video slot games. First of all, you need to select the number of lines that you wish to play, and then you select how much money you want to bet on 1 pay line. Next, you click on the Spin button and of course, make an effort to match as many icons as possible starting from left to right somewhere on your reels.
    Now, we should take a look at the pay table. In the Highway King slot free download, you can see your total hit number shown on a winning line. If this is the first time you play this slot game, you may not know its meaning. This means that there is no need to gather the symbols lying from left to right shown on the winning line.
    And now you should take a look at the screen shot of this Highway King slot free download. You are able to collect 3 pistons around them which are called the Win. As I stated above, there is not necessary to find the matching icons from left to right in the Highway King slot free download. In addition, there are two winning lines shown on the screen shot. For instance, for the first time playing it, it is found on win line 7. The other wins are two petrol cans that are seen on line 7.
    On the other hand, this slot has some other icons that can offer you the winning as well. The first one is the Exhaust Pipe. It will reward you between 2x and 100x your line bet and can be found somewhere on the reel. The other one that you should notice is Red Truck which is a Wild symbol and pays out according to the pay table.
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    General overview of Highway king

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