How do I play The Escape Hunt Experience

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    How do I play The Escape Hunt Experience? Answering this now would give away the whole surprise so let’s just say it is one of the most exhilarating ways to spend 90 minutes with your friends. The adventure lasts 60 minutes but you should be 15-minute early for your briefing, and afterwards we will offer you refreshments and time for feedback and discussion so allow 90 minutes in total (or more if you want to just hang out with us). The adventure itself involves escape room where a crime has been committed. Solve the mystery and escape.

    So how many people should play? We have tested all sorts of numbers but the ideal is a group of 2 – 5 players.

    Can I compete against my friends? Of course, each of our three adventures comes in a set of two identical rooms. Just book the same adventure at the same time (two bookings needed) and see who comes out first.

    Do we need to be really strong? Physical strength is not needed at all. We have designed our adventures to be as accessible for the most petite person to a body builder and every age group as we can. You need skills other than brawn like good searching skills and logical reasoning. Moving our solid wood furniture is not required…

    Are there any age limits for Escape Hunt? We have tried the adventures with all ages and it is equally enjoyable for all age groups. For practical reasons, since this is a group activity and we need a certain level of maturity, we limit the minimum age to 7 years old but there is no maximum age. We love kids but this is an adult game and therefore younger children really will not really enjoy it or have the critical thinking skills required. No escape game in the world would allow children and we have dropped the minimum age as low as we can to 7 years but we have to be very strict and say no children below 7 years of age will be admitted at all. Also, there must be at least one player of over 16 years of age playing in the room.

    Will it be too difficult for me? It all depends upon how well you follow the brief, work in a team and put your best effort into the adventure. Each adventure is designed to not be easy but not impossible as well so you have every chance to escape! Our Game Masters are there to help you when you need it.

    What if I don’t “escape”? Then you and your team are eaten alive. Just kidding! You will still enjoy yourself whether you escape or not; we can assure you.

    What if I don’t enjoy myself? We take very possible care to ensure that your experience with us is highly enjoyable and meets your expectations. If in the unlikely event we fail to provide you with the five star experience we promise, we will not hesitate to refund your payment in full. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and with us the customer is always right so we will deal with any issue you might encounter and do whatever it takes to ensure you had an excellent experience.

    Do I need to wear any special clothes or bring anything? Please come in your usual clothes as we do not require any physical activity out of the ordinary. It is your brain we are after so please make sure to bring that! Otherwise, we provide everything.

    Can I come back and play again? Absolutely. We have three entirely different adventures and we change the adventures at regular intervals so you’ll be able to test your skills over and over again.
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    How do I play The Escape Hunt Experience

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