InstaLead review - InstaLead top notch features

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    Not long ago, viral traffic and easy list building were phrases you could actually believe…
    Just plug in to FB, set up a page and post, and visitors would come running.
    Not so much anymore. FB has changed the rules and post reach is at an all time low, unless you’re willing to PAY…
    Every try building a list without creating a product? Maybe used solos or even FB ads?
    If so, you’re not alone. And for a while there, FB ads were working pretty well.
    Then “slap” another algorithm change and your ad reach goes to practically ZERO…
    Meaning your list building efforts dried up like an unwatered flower in the desert.
    So what’s the answer? Throw MORE money at paid advertising, sit back and hope?
    Not a solid business plan.
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    InstaLead review - InstaLead top notch features

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