iOS programming techniques with high creativity

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    iOS is the operating system on Apple's mobile devices. Initially only operating system was developed to run on iPhone (iPhone OS called), but later it was extended to run on Apple devices such as iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV. May 31 2011, Apple's App Store has about 500,000 apps iOS programming , and downloaded a total of about 15 billion times. In Q4 2010, with about 26% of smartphones running iOS .

    The user interface of iOS is based on manipulation . Users can interact with the operating system through a lot of hand gestures on the touch screen of the Apple devices. The latest version of iOS 9.3 is out March 21, 2016, for the device iPhone 4S, iPod 5, iPad 2, iPad Mini (first generation) and iPad Pro or higher.

    For Zirqo the programming on mobile devices is an easy thing because we are a company that specializes in application programming (iOS, Android). With years of experience in the field of programming and we have a professional workflow, Come to our Zirqo took the best applications.

    Process Application iOS Programming :
    1. Next press requirements : Employees of our company will record the customer's request, information, address specific requirements ... for each project.

    2. Sharing & quotation and contract : After receiving information and advicing hearted, answering questions, and we will offer reasonable prices for customers, agreed and signed work contract.

    3. Implement the project : Right time, the requirements set out in the contract, employees of our company will work with customers to implement step by step to be able to change at any time if customer requirements ..

    4. Acceptance and payment of the contract : As soon as our company hand over the project to the client upon completion, will begin paying the proposed contract, offer the best warranty.

    Please contact us in order to bring about the best apps from iOS programming technology Zirqo , a company that offers the most efficient in Malaysia.
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    iOS programming techniques with high creativity

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