Nice fully furnished 1-bedroom apartment for rent in hcmc

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    Price: 17.8 million vnd/month
    Area: 52m²
    City: Phu Nhuan - Ho Chi Minh

    Location: About 5 minutes to center of District 1, 10 minutes to airport by motorbike. Favorable transportation to other central districts.

    Area: 52 sqm
    Rental: $800
    Furniture: fully furnished
    View: beautiful
    Floor: 7
    Design: 1 bedrooms, 1 toilet, kitchen, living room,…

    Furniture: microwave oven, beds, sofa, dining table, TV, washing machine, curtains, cupboards, air- conditioner, internet, cable, wardrobe,…

    Amenities: Supermarket, school, bank, restaurant, parking, management office, coffee, gym, pool, sauna, yoga, spa, security 24/24, lobby, reception, laundry service,…

    Our dream is to create the masterpiece of residential architecture. The Prince is not merely a house, but a home you will stick with the years and loved ones.

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    Nice fully furnished 1-bedroom apartment for rent in hcmc

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