One-bedroom apartment for rent in District 7, suitable for a couple’s living

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    Location: Thai Van Lung Street

    The apartment for rent in District 7 hcmc is conveniently located in a 6-level building and only 5 minutes to the Central Business District, the magical atmosphere of this apartment location combined with the extreme comfort will make your stay truly special and unforgettable!

    Featuring beautiful wood flooring, the homely 35m2 serviced apartment for rent in hcmc features a delightful living room, a full kitchen, a sun filled bedroom and a bathroom fitted with a bathtub. The wall-to- wall windows facing the street surely offer you a tremendous road-view and great sunlight to the room.

    Immediately welcomed living room, comfortable sofas, glass table, large built-in storage, fully equipped kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator, ventilator, kitchen bar, sunny bedroom, queen-size bed, large wardrobe, plasma TV, wooden working desk, bright bathroom, light tiles, white porcelain fittings, full bathtub and toilet.

    Perfectly quiet and highly secured location to enjoy all that the city has to offer, only 5 minutes to supermarkets, Circle K, FamilyMart, restaurants and cafes nearby.


    Rental is USD 900/month (equivalent to VND 19,000,000/month).

    Including: management fee, water, drinking water, gas for cooking, optical-fiber internet, cable TV, satellite NHK Premium, bedsheet changing (3 times/week), daily cleaning, laundry and ironing. Electricity fee free.

    Excluding: VAT

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    One-bedroom apartment for rent in District 7, suitable for a couple’s living

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