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    What is PageRank?


    PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. It is a system based on the quantity and quality of links to decide the importance of websites. You will certainly hear this term in any SEO courses.

    PageRank is a very important element in the SEO process. Websites with high PageRank are creditable website, then Google will prioritize those sites to be displayed first in search results.

    Value of PageRank

    Google has a public value of PageRank with the value from 1-10. This value is sometimes called the Toolbar PageRank (TBPR).

    The real PageRank value of pages is constantly being updated, except from the Toolbar PageRank as it is an historical value because it is only updated about 4 times a year. And even just when the value got updated it is still based on the previous months value. Google does this to prevent manipulation and abuse.

    There is only about 100 websites on the whole internet who has the value of 10 in the Toolbar PageRank. Getting a value of 4 doesn’t seem to be that hard. At 5 you have done well, at 6 it starts to be very hard.


    PageRank is calculated by different algorithms based on the number of links pointing to your website, these links include:
    Inbound links
    Internal links
    External links
    No-follow links
    Do-follow links
    Tips to increase your PageRank (PR)

    According to experts in Cheap SEO Company Singapore, here are some tips to boost your PageRank

    1. Create more Backlinks

    This is one of the most effective ways to gain more views and traffic to the website, then increase PageRank.

    Backlink means that other sites link to your site. Backlink from sites that rank high will benefit more for your website. You can exchange links with reputable sites which are relevant to your website’s theme.

    2. Create impressive content

    To increase your website's PageRank, you firstly build the content which is impressive and fascinating.

    Try to bring useful and valuable content in order to attract visitors’ attention to your website.

    Avoid the fact that visitors log out suddenly when accessing pages. It also contributes to Pagerank for your website.

    3. Participate in forums, social networking


    Through social networks you can connect to the webmaster community to exchange views view, g +, like etc.

    You can also share your posts to social networks to increase customers’ visits on your website.

    4. Update website content

    Your website must frequently update content and add new entries. The more new posts you have, the more views your website gain.

    5. Advertising for your website

    PR for your website by renting a banner or an advertisement. The advertisement from the reputable websites would increase traffic to your website. The more traffic your web gains, the higher PageRank is.

    6. Create more sites in your website:

    Try to build your website with many different sites with the relevant content.

    If you are looking for the best SEO Service Singapore to assist you with any SEO needs, simply reach us We are confident to provide you with the best solution for your concerns.

    - Source: PageRank in SEO
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