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    TEG CONSULTING looking for young and talented candidates to join our software development center in Vietnam. You just a fresher or you have only one year experience, if you are able to program in C#, VB.Net or PHP and you are passionate of making great applications, you can join us to make your dream come true.

    With sufficient training programs, your careers always grow with us. Candidates will be groom to be the future team leaders to develop technical solutions to meet the requirement or Business Analyst for gathering the requirement and planning out the wireframe, user flow of the system.

    - Able to program in .Net or PHP
    - Experience in front-end (CSS / HTML / JavaScript), JavaScript libraries (jQuery / Mootool / Dojo Toolkit) Source Control (SVN / Git)
    - Experience in CMS development is a big plus, especially Joomla and WordPress
    - Good understanding of responsive design and web interface
    - English writing and speaking
    - Careful, highly organized and self-learning attitude

    - Competitive salary package
    - Young and Active working environment; Cool and Nice members
    - Join in Company trip once a year
    - Bonus with 13th month salary

    *** Working place: 4th Floor, Room 402A Screc Building, 974A Truong Sa street, Ward 12, District 3, HCM city. (Next to Co.op Mart Nhieu Loc)

    Candidates would like to apply .NET or PHP position, please send email with attached English CV via email: mary.vu@beyondedge.com.sg

    Ms. Mary Vu
    Address: 4th Floor, Room 402A Screc Building, 974A Truong Sa Street, Ward 12, District 3.
    Tel: (08) 62 904 943 Email: mary.vu@beyondedge.com.sg
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    Teg Consulting tuyển dụng nhiều nhân sự tại HCM

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