Thao dien pearl apartment for rent in district 2 - 0903.646.012

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    Thao dien pearl apartment for rent in district 2 - 0903.646.012

    Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent in District 2

    Location : 12 Quoc Hương, Thao Dien Ward , District 2 (10 minutes to District 1 (city center))
    The Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent in District 2, full furnished with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen.
    Medium floor
    View: North
    Rental: 1200 USD
    Area: 105 sqm
    Bedrooms / Bathrooms: 2 / 2
    Balcony: big balcony
    Our company offer free service to all tenants.


    Elegant décor in bright color make the apartment bigger and more beautiful. Large bed in master bedroom with a feminine curtain and dressing table can be a best choice for lady.

    - Air-conditioner, refrigerator, water heater.
    - Cable television, ADSL internet connection, telephone
    - 24/7 security, parking space
    - Balcony/window
    - Shower
    - Electricity cooker system

    Facilities within Thao Dien Pearl land area:

    - Park
    - Children playground
    - Fitness center
    - Restaurant
    - Coffee shop
    - Swimming pool
    - Sauna room
    - Movie theater
    - Automatic laundry

    Facilities nearby:

    - Metro Cash and Cary
    - Big C supermarket
    - Parkson shopping mall
    - Hospitals
    - An Phu supermarket
    - Tennis Courts
    - British International School, AIS (American International School), HIBS (Horizone International Bilingual School), ISHCMC (International School Ho Chi Minh City)
    - Laundry service
    - Bicycle renting service
    - Sacombank, Eximbank, Agribank
    - Spa, hair salon, furniture store.
    - Many food stores and bars around.
    Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent, 2 BRs, full-furnished, big balcony

    About Thao Dien Pearl Apartment for rent:

    The project mixes 3 levels of commercial center and 2 residential towers, where different volumes and terraces compile the commercial center, avoiding a massing effect that could cut off urban continuity.
    The towers are placed in staggered rows, in order to give nice view to every apartments. To reduce the impact of heat gain and solar glare, a double façade with large loggias provide essential shading in this tropical region. These loggias also provide enjoyable outdoor space, in continuity with indoor living room. On the roof level of the commercial center, a large residential landscape terrace and swimming pool area offers a nice and quiet resting haven. The last levels of the towers are penthouses units with large gardens/swimming pools area.
    The Thao Dien Pearl apartment project is definitely a modern mixed use building in line with the current concern of energy saving and environmental integration.

    Please contact our company for more information about Apartment for rent in Thao Dien, District 2.

    Hotline: 0903 646 012 Cityhouse
    Pho Xinh Land – 150 D1 Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District.
    Thao Dien Pearl Apartment for rent in district 2
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    Thao dien pearl apartment for rent in district 2 - 0903.646.012

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