Video Surgeon REVIEW - DEMO of Video Surgeon

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    Ever wondered how you could slo-mo a video 10x the speed, and have it play on a loop?

    There aren’t many software’s that can do that today, and give you great quality and a good result.

    But this powerful system called Video Surgeon can.

    Video Surgeon is a video analysis software that allows users to review in slow motion or freeze frame (frame by frame) while zoomed in. The software also allows users to create looping areas for repeated playback while slowed down and zoomed in. It is a great tool for practice, instruction and learning and is used across a wide variety of fields including music, dance, martial arts, sports, education, and business – really any field where video is used for teaching or learning purposes.

    Hundreds of people already love the software.

    From guitarists to avid golf players, if video is your learning tool, then this software cannot be ignored.

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    Video Surgeon REVIEW - DEMO of Video Surgeon

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