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    Video Vantage It’s essential that you understand this at the beginning: THINGS CHANGE. In fact, the
    one constant on the internet is that change happens. Facebook, especially, is prone to changing on a regular basis.
    Facebook changes the user layouts; they change the advertising interface and the types of ads we can use. And these things will continue to change. It’s good that they do, but we, as marketers utilizing Facebook, must be comfortable with this. You must beprepared for these changes, for with every change comes new opportunities.
    What has remained constant during Facebook’s brief existence is its users’ reasons for logging in. We’ve mentioned this elsewhere but it’s so important we continue to remind our students of this:

    People aren’t on Facebook to buy stuff! Do you log into Facebook in hopes of purchasing something? Is it where you go to troll for deals and sign up for email lists?

    Unless you’re plain nuts, the answer is “no.” Never forget Facebook’s purpose: to be a social experience. People are on Facebook to share their thoughts and experiences through status updates, pictures, links. They express themselves through Comments, Likes, and Shares. When we make offers of any sort on Facebook, we are disrupting a user’s natural experience. We are jumping into those coments when they’re scrolling their newsfeed to see what their friends, family, colleagues and their liked Pages have been up to. We are interrupting them. Our percentage of success on most any action will be low, but we need such a small number of actions to literally transform our financial lives, that it makes learning and applying the tactics that follow a logical and lucrative endeavor.

    What follows may seem like a contradiction of particular information you’ve read elsewhere (possibly from even Will or Bill). That’s all right. Remember, things change, and FB Classroom as systems mature, opportunities reveal themselves, and experiences meld, we must be willing to abandon notions and adopt new ones quickly, as long as they’re based on meaningful results.
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    Video VantageA stepbystep ranking on Youtube

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