03 Senior iOS/Android Developer (C++, Javascript, Qt/QML).

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    [​IMG]Vacancies: 03 Senior iOS/Android Developer (C++, Javascript, Qt/QML).

    [​IMG]Zora's client is a hyper-focused startup based in Hollywood, CA. You will be joining a small, stealth, entrepreneurial team with 10+ years’ experience in building exciting tech and entertainment products.

    [​IMG]Benefits: Salary 20-80mil VND monthly, Dental insurance, Flexible working schedule, Health insurance, Paid time off, Vision insurance

    [​IMG]Technical Requirements

    • Experience in either iOS or Android development, or both.

    • Experience in Qt/QML; Experience in C++ or Javascript also preferable

    • Familiarity with open source codebases and building user interfaces from scratch

    • Ability to code for stability, efficiency and clarity

    • Will utilize Github for source control and Jira for task management and documentation

    [​IMG]Other Skills:

    • Supreme attention to detail in order to deliver pixel-perfect UI according to designs

    • Strong communication and collaboration skills needed for working with a distributed team

    • Relentless commitment to delivering a quality product

    [​IMG]Seniority Level: mid-level to senior

    [​IMG]Employment type: Full-time, based in Ho Chi Minh office.

    [​IMG]Please send your CV to talent@zora.vn.
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    03 Senior iOS/Android Developer (C++, Javascript, Qt/QML).

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