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    Job Description
    • Being a Digital Marketing Intern, you will spend an ideal day to:Manage the day-to-day digital campaigns, including initial planning, implementation, monitoring, optimization, analysis and reporting.
    • Collaborate with paid search account managers to oversee performance reporting, optimization suggestions and competitive analysis.
    • Partner with creative teams (internal and external) to provide insightful and strategic value to creative work.
    • Discover and identify areas for improvement of Search Engine Optimization / Marketing efforts.
    • Responsible for weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines, including performance dashboards and metrics reporting.
    • Last year student/ fresh-graduated
    • Good at computer skill & English
    • Passionate for Marketing
    • Fun and hardworking
    • Having can-do attitude, team-work spirit
    • Great training opportunities from international environment
    • Work in an international environment with young and dynamic people
    • Have chance to develop & experience from professional marketing team
    • Enjoy various team activities & company events
    • Opportunity to join all events organized by 1Tour.vn
    • Full working facilities
    • Various team-building activities & company events
    • Salary from 1,5 million VND - 2,5 million VND and have Allowance according to company policy.
    How to apply
    • Apply through our system: Internvn. Send us your CV xin viec about your skills and experiences.
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    1TourVN tuyển nhân viên SEO-Digital Marketing Intern

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