2-Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Royal City, R1 Building

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    Living an modern and green life in Royal City Apartment is never easy than before. Come with us and we will help you to have a convenient apartments with full furnished. This apartment is located on the high floor of R1 building. The construction area is 114 m2 with 2 open faces. It consists of 2 big bedrooms, 2 bathroom with bath tub, a large living room linking to a balcony with beautiful view. The kitchen is provided some basic furniture. This apartment in hanoi is fully modern furnished.

    All available facilities and services provided: lift/elevator, professional management, waiting hall, 24/7 security, parking area, restaurants, children playground, Sofa, Wood Floor, Television, refrigerator, washer, wood kitchen cabinet system, Central water heating system, Fingerprint and PIN code door Locks System

    Utilities: Shopping center, Food street, Cinema, Skating Rink, Gym & spa, Water park, International school, Parking, apartment for rent in Hanoi Central air conditioning, Reception hall, Security 24/24, High speed elevator, Doorbell camera system, Modern fire warning system
    Apartment Information
    Location: R1 Building.
    Rental fee: 950$/month
    Management fee: exempt 10 years
    Gym & fitness: 800$/year + free 6months

    Full Furnished

    Furniture & Facilities:Well equipped with

    Sofa and chairs, LCD TV and cable in the living zone
    Double bed and bed sheet in the bedroom
    Kitchen utensils: fridge, microwave, gas stove, etc
    Dining table and chairs
    Air conditioners with remote controllers
    High-speed Internet Connection ( ADSL)
    Phone connection
    Intercom (Direct connection from room to reception)
    24/24 reception & security International management
    Car parking

    Price for rent is about $950/month. It can be negotiated later.
    If you have any interests in renting apartments for rent in Royal City, keep contact with us. We will consult to you for free.
    Contact Information:
    Tel: 0936 38 99 01
    Room 908, Talico Building, No22 Ho Giam Street, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi
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    2-Bedroom Apartment for Rent in Royal City, R1 Building

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