Apartment for rent in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, 115m2

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    • Rental/Price:1,000USD/Month
    • Status:For Rent
    • Deposit:2Months
    • Type:Apartments
    • Size:115m2
    • Interior:Fully-furnished
    • Beds:2 Bedrooms
    • Baths:2 Bathrooms
    • Location:District 2
    • Time to CBD:15 Minutes
    • Code:A20067

    Location: Quoc Huong Street

    The apartment for rent in HCMC is located on Quoc Huong Street, near Ben Thanh Market, trading centers, and it is convenient to transfer to other important places nearby.

    The apartment has a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen, with comforting whites and grey tones, this living space is very inviting and cozy and can give you a great condition to come to many places in this city.

    Wide variety of wooden flooring, spotless and bright space, fantastic light, bright and cheerful living area, necessary equipment, extensive storage, airy and bright living room, open concept dining room.

    Suitable for car parking, quiet retreat from the crowds of the neighborhoods, nice and kind people, highly viewing, close to the amenities and transport, enviable position.

    Rental: 1,100$/month (equivalent to 21,000,000 VND).

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    Apartment for rent in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, 115m2

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