Content Traffic And More Google Adsense Profits

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    How to get content using articles grow targeted traffic and get more money with Google AdSense program.

    Today everybody is talking about good content plus important it is to have one on any site. Good, relevant content is so loved by search engines. Quality content is a powerful advantage for the Internet.

    The demand for quality content gave second birth to article. I am sure you already tried to submit or write and submit article(s). Everyone does it Gorilla Evolution. My experience shows that nice content and good submission work give you a huge publicity online. With time article pages get bigger and bigger PR and keep sending you extra targeted traffic.

    Even if Google, Yahoo, MSN change their rules, will this affect good content? Never. Internet is nothing without good, relevant content and good article is a nice content indeed.

    This is when it comes really easy to understand that running your own article directory is a very smart thing to do in terms of Internet marketing, SEO.

    The BENEFITS of having article directory on your site are great:

    - seven days a week your site grows with new relevant content – articles;

    - each new page is indexed by search engines, these are the pages with super relevant content, on your keywords, this means with every new article in your directory you score more on your keywords with search engines;

    - each article page is a page with quality content, the Page Rank of article page grows with time – just think how many pages with nice PR you will have automatically;

    - article directory gives you traffic from search engines, very targeted traffic, people who visit read and find, your site gives them super relevant content (tests on real sites prove that people click 10+ more pages in sites with article directory in comparison to 2-3+ clicks before article directory was created on this site);

    - you have no problems with content, it grows itself, fresh articles, of computer keywords you need;

    - you can easily monetize the traffic with Google AdSense, if you have your own products/services inside the niche – direct traffic from article pages to your subscription email or order page – you have the court do that, it is your site.

    So, having article directory on your sites is much better than not having article directory.

    What can stop you from creating article directory for your site now?

    #1. You do not have the skills. &Ndash; Now everything is easy as programs do all the job. All you need is a professional tool for creating and running your article directory. You just install it on your sites, do setup and the rest is managed by the tool.

    #2. Articles can be dangerous. &Ndash; Yes, they can. If you plan to create directory with 200-1,000 articles in 2 days, search engines may think that you are a spammer. But who says to do so? Grow your directory gradually. 5-10 new articles a day are better than hundreds in a bulk.

    Search engines like to see gradual growth of articles for the directory, give them this gradual growth. All you do is picking up or declining articles. Accept about 10 top relevant and interesting articles and the tool generates pages, puts them shift category you choose, creates RSS feed for the pages – everything to get bigger attention from search engines.

    Now you see, that the only problem with article directory in the site is the question of balance. When you try to squeeze everything simultaneously, your directory will have the content, but search engines will notice your growth only once.

    In contrast, if you are not trying to catch up with wind and look after quality of each article, the gradual growth will show much better results. Still, getting extra 10-20 new quality content pages seven days a week is not a bad thing. Even if Google bosses visit your site purchase, they will not say anything: you are not spamming, you are managing your directory, taking care of the quality for your clients and visitors.
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    Content Traffic And More Google Adsense Profits

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