Daou Kiwoo tuyển Securities MTS Screen Mid Developer

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    Your role & responsibilities:
    • Analyze functional requirements to translate into application design using established design methodologies and guidelines.
    • Develop the software conforming to design, program guidelines, and programming best practices.
    • Investigate all reported problems/errors and implement fixes for the
    • Issues/problems so that the system can operate correctly and efficiently.
    • Assist in the integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, and implementation activities to fix the reported problem/bugs of the system to ensure the smooth execution of programs in the respective environments
    • Prepare and maintain up to date system documentation
    • You will have the chance to be involved with multiple stages of a project, thus enjoying exposure to various aspects of software engineering and fostering your career growth. You will also get great opportunities to learn on the job and expand your horizons into the field of consulting in the area of system and application security.

    • Providing training and education experience in Korea with Korean Finance/IT expert
    • Providing opportunitites to work and support in IT/Finance fields overseas
    • Provides business trip allowance 50$/day with flight tickets and accomodation in Seoul, Korea
    Cần apply hay tư vấn liên hệ mail: thuong.trinh@topdev.vn
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    Daou Kiwoo tuyển Securities MTS Screen Mid Developer

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