Động cơ giảm tốc Rossi Việt Nam

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    Đại lý động cơ Rossi tại Việt Nam

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    HTP Techtự hào là đại lý phân phối Động cơ giảm tốc Rossi tại Việt Nam.
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    Để biết thêm chi tiết về Động cơ giảm tốc Rossi xin vui lòng liên hệ với công ty của chúng tôi để được giá cả và chất lượng tốt nhất.


    Hoàng Thiên Phát

    Địa chỉ: 134/4 Thống Nhất (nối dài), Phường 11, Quận Gò Vấp, Tp.HCM.

    Điện thoại: 08 38959442 Fax: 08 38959443 MST: 0313139144

    Sale : ( Mr.Phong)

    Email: phong@hoangthienphat.com

    Skype : phong.htp
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    3.1 The client must use data bank in a proper and correct way. He/she particularly undertakes not to violate norms of use and to accurately treat data in a way to protect its property rights to thoroughly control the presence of viruses in the mail outbox or within the accesses of data bank, to respect all technical and

    legal warnings as well as plain norms of conduct on Internet, to inform immediately Rossi S.p.A. of any abuse within his/her knowledge, of any error or malfunctioning noted within data bank.

    3.2 In opposite case the client will be bound to compensate for all damage caused by such in-observance and will be responsible, according to law, for fact and guilt of his/her own employees.

    4. Responsibility

    4.1 The use of data bank, which is at the moment free is on the risk of the client.

    4.2 Rossi S.p.A. shall not be liable for damage of any nature resulting to the clients or third parties from the data bank access (paragraph 1.1) and from the use of its information, including possible errors with regard to physical dimensions of gear reducers represented.

    4.3 In particular Rossi S.p.A. rejects any responsibility for the consequences resulting from the individual client and/or his employees use of projects and of all data within projects and downloaded files.
    Hộp giảm tốc Rossi.jpg
    4.4 In no way service provider will be responsible for damage caused by inaccurateness, errors, gaps and omissions inside data bank and the represented projects.

    4.5 Even though measures have been adopted in order to conjure the presence of possible viruses inside of on line files, it is recommended to use an antivirus program before opening and using those files. Anyway, it is rejected any responsibility for damage caused to clients and/or other surfers by viruses.

    4.6 Lastly, Rossi S.p.A. retains the right to bring about at any moment and without notice, any type of necessary modification of data bank and projects(paragraph 1.1) as well as the right to interrupt the service at any moment.

    5. Applied law and competent Court

    5.1 The applied law is the Italian law.

    5.2 Court competent in dealing possible controversy is the one in Modena.
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