Effective Keyword Use For Newbies and SEO

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    In SEO, keywords are of supreme importance. Keywords are words or phrases that search engines use in order to match web pages with search queries. It’s important to optimize your website with strategic keywords in order to maximize targeted traffic. You will use keywords in both your on-page and off-page optimization. First of all, choose a domain name that includes your best keywords. For example, if your best keyword phrase is “satellite affilaite”, you’d want to choose a domain name that includes this phrase. You might therefore choose a domain such as “SatelliteAffiliateTips.com”.

    Use your keywords in the title tag and description tag. The description tag should make sense and entice users to visit your site when they view the description on a search engine.Your keywords should also be used in your H1 tag. Scatter keywords throughout the content of your page to a keyword density of between 3%-7%. Avoid overuse of a keyword. Most SEO experts believe that using a keyword too frequently can trigger a search engine’s “keyword stuffing” filter. It is believed that the search engines use such a filter in an effort to prevent search engine spam from appearing in the top results. It is also helpful to add common misspellings of a word as well as both the singular and plural forms of the word or phrase.

    You’ll want to use your keywords within the anchor text of the links. Assuming our best keyword phrase is “satellite affiliate”, you’d want to link to your home page using that keyword phrase. A good link to your home page might therefore look something like “satellite affiliate tips”. Apply this linking method to all of the pages within your site. Furthermore, request that other sites link to you using a similar anchor text containing your best keywords. Keywords are one of the primary components in search engine optimization. They are the means by which search engines identify relevant pages for given searches. Using keywords effectively is one of the keys to achieving maximum traffic from the search engines.

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    Effective Keyword Use For Newbies and SEO

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