[HCMC] CEL Consulting Vietnam tuyển dụng 01 Digital Marketing Assistant

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    We are looking for a technical Digital Marketing Assistant with strong skills and understanding about SEO, SEM. It’s a full time position with attractive salary

    Your Responsibilities
    • PPC Management
    • Technical management of campaigns
    • SEO planning and integration
    • Reporting and updates on progress
    • Analytics and analysis
    • Social Media posting and management
    • Content development
    • Other digital marketing related tasks
    Skills & Experience
    • 01-02 years of experience in both SEO & SEM
    • You understand both internal and external interface of the website
    • You’re mainly technically driven
    • Degree or diploma in a relative field
    • Familiar with front end code
    • Ability to write in Vietnamese, English at a University level
    • Facebook advertising management & execution
    • Ability to generate blog posts and create content
    • Ability to work as part of a team
    Please send your CV to Ms. Chau Pham at recruitment@cel-consulting. com before 30/06/2015
    You are encouraged to visit our website to learn more about CEL business before the interview. Thanks in advance for the work you put into your application.
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    [HCMC] CEL Consulting Vietnam tuyển dụng 01 Digital Marketing Assistant

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    Vị trí ngon :D tiếc là mình đã có việc rồi !

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