Highway king slot free play and things that players need to know

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    Highway king slot free play and things that players need to know

    Ii is said that Highway king slot game is one of the most famous betting games until now. Although it made it appearance in the slot game online market for a long time but its attraction was never decreasing. People still look at Highway king slot free play as a place to relax and to earn more money. But there are many things that player curious about and want to explore in this game. The game can be found at Malaysia online casino.
    1. Highway king slot free play and some things that players don’t notice

    Highway king slot free play is considered as one of the most successful game of the software provider names Playtech. It has bright and interesting symbols, interface, graphic as well as sound effect, which all bring players the very real feelings that they have never forgot. It is very simple to play the Highway king slot. There are two purposes of playing this game: First is for relaxing, you play as playing other games and the second is to play for real money. If you play with purpose #2 then it is necessary for you to pay attention to some buttons:
    • Symbol (+/-): minus or plus your betting amount.
    • Bet One: to choose the number of pay line.
    • Bet Max: triggers all 9 pay lines.
    • Spin: to spin the reels with the existing choice of lines and line bets you have chosen.
    • Pay table: show the wins. Lines you win are calculated by line bet multiplied corresponding multiplier which shown on the pay table.
    2. Gameplay and feature

    Compared to other games, in the Highway King slot game, you can decide the number of spins play automatically or randomly. You can also decide to play Dollar Ball progressive jackpot, Truck Racing Bonus and Free Games if you want. For instance, the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot is a lotto form which is liked to other casinos in the Playtech network. This is the reason why so many people like playing the thrilling game while it do not have bonus round. Because of the huge jackpot you can get in this Dollar ball progressive jackpot. To play, just click the “Enable” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then, there is an option of numbers from 1 – 49 that you must select 5 numbers out of them. If you cannot decide or want to choose by yourself, the game will select automatically and randomly for you. This Dollar ball feature is mainly based on the luck so that let’s take it easy because it does not relate to your skills.

    One more highlight feature in the Highway king slot free play is that you can get really high payouts from basic symbols and wild and scatter symbols to your best profit. The Red truck is the highest value symbols with jackpot up to 10,000 coins if you have 5 of them on the screen. When you control your truck, pay attention and try to collect pistons, gas tanks, tires, spark plugs, truck wheels and dice. They are regular symbols but have the important meaning helping you get the reward combinations.
    Hope the above information will help you get an overview on this Highway King slot game and just relax, enjoin the game and win big.
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    Highway king slot free play and things that players need to know

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