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    $900 - $1500

    Work Location: HCM City

    Job Details

    – Design and develop new features using ASP.NET/C#, JavaScript, AngularJ S, CSS and SQL
    – Contribute to architecture, design, coding and refactoring projects
    – Partner with our Product Management and Quality teams to deploy high-quality customer solutions on a frequent basis
    – Integrate 3rd-party tools and services into the mHelpDesk ecosystem
    – Enhance the mHelpDesk API used for mobile apps and partner integrations
    – Master – then help us improve – our development, test and deployment tools & processes

    Job Requirements
    – 5+ years experience designing, developing and deploying web-based Software-as-a-Service applications using C# (preferred) or Java
    – Solid understanding of web technologies such as ASP.NET (C#), AngularJS, CSS, HTML5, HTTP, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, REST and SQL.
    – Strong SQL skills (ability to write optimized stored procedures and functions)
    – Ability to learn new APIs quickly (e.g. Google, Credit Card Processing, Twilio, etc.)
    – Experience scaling and tuning large web applications is a plus
    – Expertise in test automation, application security, ElasticSearch or billing systems is a plus
    – Expertise in Windows, SQL Server, AWS, GitLab or Jenkins administration is a plus
    – Web-based (HTML5) and/or native iOS/Android development experience is a plus

    We also expect from you
    – Have the competitive spirit needed to help us extend our industry lead in cloud-based field-service-management software
    – Consider the customer experience in all of your work
    – Embrace accountability for the entire customer solution, not just some assigned tickets
    – Keep up with the latest developments in framework, development and deployment tools
    – Enjoy solving complex problems, and have a strong bias toward action
    – Enjoy collaborating with, learning from and teaching others
    – Have strong communication skills
    – Have the personality to thrive in a startup environment

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via email: nhiha@jobseeker.vn
    Thank you!
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    [JobSeeker.vn] Cần tuyển Senior ASP. Net Developer/ Leader ( JavaScript)

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