Lesson 25: Article Marketing Directory and Article Publisher

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    Power Lead Snatcher 2.0 All Silver and Platinum VIP Members get the Article Directory and the Article Publisher included in their Membership.

    Article Marketing is an effective way to generate fresh content, so your site is more often indexed by the major search engines. It can be very difficult to come up with fresh content and articles on a regular basis so we created for Worldprofit Members, the Article Marketing Directory.

    We add new articles to the Article Marketing Directory on a regular basis. At the time of writing this lesson, we have over 400 articles in over 20 topic categories available for the exclusive use of our Members.

    As new articles are released they are marked as NEW and dated so you always know which articles are the most recent.

    Why these articles are so valuable to you

    -You do not have to write your own articles or search for or buy articles that are free from publishing restrictions

    -Articles are considered fresh and new content which encourages search engines to visit your site more frequently

    -The articles can be added to your blog, to online article directories, you can post them anywhere articles are accepted.

    -You are able to add your own introduction or add your own links at the base of the article - these links promote YOUR SITE, or your AFFILIATE programs. They are called backlinks and are valuable ways to get traffic and leads.

    -When people read your articles they can comment on them, it's a good way to encourage reader interaction, even generate possible leads

    -These articles are unique, timely and interesting encouraging readership and traffic.

    -You can post these articles to your blog, and monetise the blog for another source of income (example: add your Affiliates or ClickBank, Google Ad Sense etc.) Where to Promote these articles.

    Power Lead Snatcher Within the Article Marketing Directory we have also included a number of places you can post these articles. Other sites want fresh content to, you can provide it and in doing so you create a backlink to your site - you get the traffic. For example, you can post to places such as: Squidoo
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    Lesson 25: Article Marketing Directory and Article Publisher

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