Lesson 27: The Sales Center with Power Lead Snatcher 2.0

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    In this lesson, we introduce you to the Sales Center. All Silver and Platinum VIP Members get the Sales Center included in their Membership. The Sales Center was created to allow Members to add unlimited pages of product or affiliate sales information that they would like referred Associates to see when they login to their Power Lead Snatcher 2.0.

    It'a great way to expose your referred Associates to all the programs and opportunities you are involved with.

    The Sales Center consists of 3 components.

    -Sales Center Builder

    -Who's Logged In

    -Activity Summary

    The Sales Center Builder allows you to enter Sales Pages that your referred Associates will see when they login to the Associate Member area. We understand that many of our Members are involved in marketing a number of other affiliate programs or opportunities. The Sales Center Builder allows you to create and save pages pertaining to those programs. When your Associates login they see your promotional materials. There is no limit on how many pages you can create in the Sales Center Builder. You can order the pages as you like along with a short title for each.

    The Who's Logged in feature of the Sales Center allows you to be emailed each time an Associate you referred visits any page in your Sales Center. You have the option of turning off the email notification if you do not want to be notified each time. You can also check your Who's Logged in section to see the number of visits per day, or view all Activity under the Activity Summary.

    How to access your Sales Center

    In your Member area from the left menu, select SALES CENTER then select SALES CENTER

    BUILDER from the sub-menu to initially enter your sales pages. Then you can use the Who's Logged in and Activity Summary to monitor activity to those pages over time. Use this information to know who your best prospects are then follow up with them directly.
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    Lesson 27: The Sales Center with Power Lead Snatcher 2.0

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