One-bedroom serviced apartment for rent in District 1, large and cozy atmosphere

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    Strategically located in District 1, right in the heart of the city, our full-furnished serviced apartment for rent in HCMC, distric 1will be your focal point from where you can map out what you want to see and do in this dynamic city. Here you will have access to all basic living facilities at the center within 8 minute-riding distance. Everything is still in great condition as the 5-level building only recently completed construction.

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    Within a total living area of 40m2, the serviced apartment for rent comprises of one sun filled bedroom, one cozy living room, 1 bathroom and one open kitchen. Besides, there is an airy balcony facing the street and windows that allows lots of natural light to come in.

    Modern appliances, cozy and full-equipped open kitchen, new stainless steel appliances, microwave, magnetic stove, refrigerator, great set of small table, large and bright bedroom, queen-sized bed, practical wardrobe for your belongings, plasma TV, large work desk, good-sized windows, most possible light brighten the room in the morning, well suited bathroom, white porcelain fixtures.

    Secured area, comfort and quiet lifestyle, convenient for transportation, near Family Mart and Coopmart supermarket within 5 minutes walking, only 5 minutes to cafes and vibrant restaurants.

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    One-bedroom serviced apartment for rent in District 1, large and cozy atmosphere

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