Palatial Apartment in Keangnam Landmarks, $1300/month

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    Keangnam Landmark apartment for rent available now ! It is vary spacious areas of 110m2, composed 3 bedrooms, 1 office room, 3 bathrooms, open-plan living room and separately warm kitchen. It features bright marble floor in living room,apartment for rent in Hanoi wooden floor in bedrooms, modern bathroom accessories, and fully functioning kitchen. With a spacious apartment in Ha Noi layout and nice taste of furniture, lots of anti-noise windows, plenty of natural light, it offers you a comfortable place to live in Hanoi for your assignment.

    Located on a very high floor, it is away from street noise, has an open view of city. There are varied facilities in Keangnam compound for your family: shops, cafes, restaurants, outdoor playground, gym, swimming pool and more services . price 1300$ including tax, management fee.

    Contact Information
    For more information, contact us
    Tel: 0936 38 99 01
    Address :Room 908, Talico Building, No22 Ho Giam Street, Dong Da Dist, Hanoi
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    Palatial Apartment in Keangnam Landmarks, $1300/month

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