Producing, packing coffee bags Yamanaka

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    Yamanaka a leading coffee brand from Japan, has shared information about the technical characteristics of bags coffee bags like?

    Design and features of the coffee bags

    - Coffee filter bags are made of paper and nonwovens: safe for health. The product does not use chemicals, user friendliness and environmental.

    - Designed specifically with Japanese technology filters, designed with straps hooks on the rim, particularly suitable for clean style drip coffee from Vietnam and Asia in general.

    - Yamanaka always meet standards bring coffee bags handy, convenient, low cost, disposable, can enjoy a cup of coffee in pure clean anywhere. Preparation quick, just 20 seconds you have to get the desired cup of coffee.

    - Specification filter bags: today there are many ways to filter bags are given, but the standard is widely used in the world is H90 x D74 (mm), the maximum can be packed coffee powder 20gr.

    The main consumption market of coffee bags

    Currently, Yamanaka received major markets truecoffee coffee bags are the US, Japan, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China ... This is a favorable factor contributing important as motivation for coffee bags of Vietnam exported to the world.

    Producing, packing coffee bags Yamanaka

    There are 2 ways that Yamanaka performed packaged coffee products Truecoffee filter bag that you need to know, to see truecoffee “cà phê sạch” is like.

    Method 1: Coffee bag packaging machine can automatically whole from raw materials to finished product inputs.

    Method 2: Coffee bag packaging can Truecoffee vending machines. Filter bag is produced in the form of filter bags and discrete, coffee maker filter bag filter bags used for packing coffee into each bag easily by hand or machine pouring coffee for small amounts. Bag used welding machines or hand presses continuous heat to weld the bag mouth. Pros: low initial investment, easy production.
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    Producing, packing coffee bags Yamanaka

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