Professional manufacturer specialized in OEM/ODM processing of zinc die casting

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    Italisa Vietnam is a professional manufacturer specialized in OEM/ ODM processing services including sanitary ware, die casting, zinc die casting, CNC machining, etc. Italisa Vietnam is under the listed company Powerway Group which is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. Our parent company Powerway Group is the leading company in raw material especially in brass and metal alloys.

    At the 150 ha plant in Vietnam, We have a full range of equipment in order to make different kinds of products, like:

    · Die casting machines

    · Investment casting and sand casting ovens

    · CNC controllers

    · Forging machines

    · Machining centers

    We can provide different ranges of die-casting products including:

    Automotive spare parts: Wiper system (Arm; Gear housing; Pivot; Bracket); Mirror system; Damping system (Adaptive Damping System - ADS); Steering system; Breaking system (Brake control ABS); Air condition Compressor; Wheel hub nut; Small gear; Big gear; Belt blades(Insurance belt buckle); etc

    Bathroom accessories: Zinc handle for faucets; Die cast zinc spout

    Door locks: Lock casing; Bolt latch of the dead bolt lock

    Provide us your requirement; we can serve you with our best

    Please kindly contact:

    Lora Nghiem (Ms)

    Italisa (Vietnam) Co., Ltd

    Add: B5-B6, Song Khe-Noi Hoang Industrial Zone,

    Bac Giang Province, Vietnam 21000

    Tel: +84 240 375 8188
    Mob: +84 973 374 532

    Skype: nghiem.loan103

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    Professional manufacturer specialized in OEM/ODM processing of zinc die casting

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