The apartment for rent at district 2 with 2 bedrooms, area 101m2

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    Property Information
    • Price (IN USD $): $1,000 Per Month
    • For Sale/Rent: Rent
    • Address: Ha Noi highway, district 2
    • Area ( m2 ): 101 m2
    • State: Ha Noi highway, district 2
    • Bedrooms: 2
    • Project: The Estella apartment
    • Bathrooms: 2
    • Video: Updating
    • Furniture: Fully furnished
    Bedroom of The Estella apartment is designed subtly for you a good sleep. Furniture are simple but they are very harmonious.

    The Estella apartment for rent at district 2 hcmc has the simple design but it is comfortable for your life. All furniture are chosen subtly such as the sofa in living room, dining table, bed, wardrobe, curtain,… All of them are very luxurious.

    There are the utilities in The Estella apartment:

    – Pool is large over 600m2
    – BBQ area
    – Parking lot is large
    – Health care system
    – Trade area and office area
    – Tennis course, golf course, playground,…

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    Places are near The Estella apartment:

    – Metro An Phu (700m)
    – ACG Vietnam International School (1.4 km)
    – Rach Chiec golf course (1.8 km)
    – Van Thanh tourist area (5.8 km)
    – Nguyen Van Cu bookstore (5.8 km)
    – Diamond Plaza (8.4 km)
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    The apartment for rent at district 2 with 2 bedrooms, area 101m2

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