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    Ultimate Profit Empire - Khóa học hữu ích cho các bạn về Internet marketing. Bạn hãy đọc những thông tin tiếng Anh sau để hiểu rõ về Ultimate Profit Empire nhé.

    For much of the year, Facebook had been in negotiation to sell itself to Yahoo. The market value of the “instant behemoth” welfare work sites has fluctuated, as services both large and small have changed hands this year. The first big acquisition was Newscorp’s purchase of MySpace for $580 million in 2005. That set a benchmark, which was driven upward somewhat by the NBC Universal purchase of women’s online network iVillage for $600 million earlier this year.

    Social networking sites typically allow users to create and share blogs, pictures and videos with friends and the wider public. What makes Facebook different from MySpace? Its founder(s) decided to create a social networking site this is certainly designed for post-graduation users. It connects people by region, college, company and graduation.

    Build a personal profile and connect with others that are sharing your life experience as opposed to your social, entertainment and artistic interests, which are the focal points in MySpace. Facebook attempted to blend quite maturity into the energized chaos found on MySpace, and they have been successful. Their current membership is somewhere north of ten million – compared to the 145 million that MySpace claims.

    The MySpace inclusion of ‘artist pages’ allows artists working in audio and video mediums to freely distribute media from within a social network. It has become a central feature of the network. Artist pages exist alongside individual profiles, and furthermore to the regular profile features they allow the artists to upload media and distribute it staubmaus network. Individuals can link to artist pages, endorse media, and participate as fans. This feature resulted in bands using the site to promote their music, one of the dynamics of the site that has made it so successful.

    Facebook’s orientation around actual communities makes it much more efficient as a connectivity tool. You can connect to anyone within your group and you can search for people across the entire Facebook spectrum. Specific interest areas are much more easily brought into focus and it is easier to build a group around them. The big question for Facebook is its relevance past the college years. The question for MySpace will be its ability to undergo quite maturation staubmaus form of advertising and control of commercial video and music posting.

    staubmaus marketplace Facebook has had several suitors on its dance card, having held negotiations with both Microsoft and Viacom over the past year. Microsoft has in fact signed a deal with Facebook whereby Microsoft will sell and provide banner ads and sponsored links for Facebook using its adCenter online advertising software. FB Pro Marketer dismiss this deal as minor, citing banner adds as pass
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    Thông tin về sản phẩm Ultimate Profit Empire

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