Wake up with a cup of organic coffee

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    Wake up with a cup of organic coffee in minutes Express helps you create a new day full of energy for you. The brain becomes more creative, more cheerful spirit, by sipping a cup of coffee in the morning. Because of that reason truecoffee born.

    Yamanaka has followed the French in Vietnam steps from the middle years of the 19th century steam Bring in western direction Vietnam is Yamanaka correction cycle, the coffee grinders truecoffee paper form to create a new style for the Vietnamese Men once integration and development. That was the reason to choose truecoffee, and some more reasons as:

    - Drinking coffee regularly helps clean your body against aging caused by oxidants in coffee.

    - Yamanaka, cafe sạch chic design, eye-catching packaging, suitable as gifts friends and relatives, ... When you go away or you to work without a filter to blow, we will be only phase organic coffee is the fastest to get a cup of pure coffee.

    - Coffee filter casing made entirely of paper and cloth are not sewing, ensuring quality, safety and hygiene, is easy to use, does not pollute the environment.

    - The product is easy to use, enjoy instantly anywhere with a simple clean coffee, fast for 30 seconds to get a cup of coffee as you like.

    - Especially obtain advanced technology from Japan's Yamanaka conduct manufacturing and packaging, to ensure the absolute quality.
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    Wake up with a cup of organic coffee

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