Yamanaka become popular beverage in the lives of people

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    Bitter taste, charming and fragrant aroma of coffee bags in a quiet space that anyone encountered also ecstatic, passionate ...

    Perhaps because the paper filter coffee, fascinating as a lot of people who live and die for a cup coffee bags, coffee, coffee to live with, grew up with coffee, ... Taste passionate so did coffee become more attractive than ever, it makes Truecoffee also proud.

    People can meet, exchange and a cup of coffee from partner appointment and discuss business, business ... Even in a family, to welcome friends, neighbors exchanged.

    So really you know coffee culture or not, this article would like to share a little bit of knowledge about how coffee Yamanaka clean with the basic formation of Vietnamese coffee culture.

    The appearance of the coffee bags in Vietnam

    Yamanaka brand originates from Japan with coffee bags, following in the footsteps of Japan introduced into Vietnam from the colonial era. Initially cà phê phin giấy dùng 1 lần for the nobility, the big officials, intellectuals or elite urban places. Gradually things truecoffee become popular beverage in the lives of people.

    Today Yamanaka had infiltrated the Vietnam market and back again pockets known brand coffee bags, bring a lot of dresses in every cup of coffee momentum clean, pure. Yamanaka was known not only for coffee brand handbags world leader but also build your very own flavor characteristics for the Vietnamese. Two types of coffee grinders and widely used paper plant in Vietnam's Arabica and Robusta. Each type provides its name in both domestic manufacturers and overseas, the quality and taste. Yamanaka has developed taste cup of coffee in filter bags of Vietnam increasingly Truecoffee fly high and far, the world is paying more attention ...
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    Yamanaka become popular beverage in the lives of people

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